24th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning
Atlanta Georgia, 31 October to 2 November 2016


Program Summary

October 30
October 31
November 1
November 2
Informal Social Event,
DC mentor-mentee meeting
Doctoral Consortium,
Poster Presentations,
Welcome Reception
Invited Talk,
Oral & Poster Presentations,
Conference Banquet
Invited Talk,
Oral Presentations,
Community Meeting

Please see our detailed program in PDF format.

Accepted Papers

Papers Accepted for Oral Presentation

  • Viktor Ayzenshtadt, Christoph Langenhan, Johannes Roith, Saqib Bukhari, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Frank Petzold and Andreas Dengel. Comparative Evaluation of Rule-Based and Case-Based Retrieval Coordination for Search of Architectural Building Designs
  • Thiago Pedro Donadon Homem, Danilo Hernani Perico, Paulo Eduardo Santos, Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and Reinaldo Augusto Da Costa Bianchi. Qualitative Case-based Reasoning for Humanoid Robot Soccer: a new retrieval and reuse algorithm
  • Ruihai Dong and Barry Smyth. Personalized Opinion-based Recommendation
  • Xavier Ferrer Aran and Enric Plaza. Concept Discovery and Argument Bundles in the Experience Web
  • Michael Floyd and David Aha. Incorporating Transparency During Trust-Guided Behavior Adaptation
  • Kazjon Grace, Mary Lou Maher, David Wilson and Nadia Najjar. Combining CBR and Deep Learning to Generate Surprising Recipe Designs
  • Vahid Jalali, David Leake and Najmeh Forouzandehmehr. Ensemble of Adaptations for Classification: Learning Adaptation Rules for Categorical features
  • Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz, Pedro Pablo Gómez Martín, Marco Antonio Gómez Martín and Antonio Sánchez Ruiz-Granados. Similarity Metrics from Social Network Analysis for Content Recommender Systems
  • David Leake and Brian Schack. Adaptation-Guided Feature Deletion: Testing Recoverability to Guide Case Compression
  • Li Chen and Feng Wang. Inferring Users' Critiquing Feedback on Recommendation from Eye Movements
  • Ditty Mathew and Sutanu Chakraborti. Competence Guided Casebase Maintenance for Compositional Adaptation Applications
  • Gilbert Müller and Ralph Bergmann. Case Completion of Workflows for Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning
  • Aulon Shabani, Adil Paul, Radu Platon and Eyke Huellermeier. Predicting the Electricity Consumption of Buildings: An Improved CBR Approach
  • Gleb Sizov, Pinar Ozturk and Erwin Marsi. Compositional Adaptation of Explanations in Textual Case-based Reasoning

Papers Accepted for Poster Presentation

You may want to bring posters of any size from 30"x40" to 36x48" (either portrait or landscape is fine). We will supply stand, board, pins etc.
Feel free to use your creativity in terms of template and style.
  • Kerstin Bach, Tomasz Szczepanski, Agnar Aamodt, Odd Erik Gundersen and Paul Jarle Mork. Case Representation and Similarity Assessment in the selfBACK Decision Support System
  • Susana Bautista and Belén Díaz-Agudo. Accessibility-driven cooking system
  • K.V.S Dileep and Sutanu Chakraborti. Eager to be lazy: Towards a Complexity-guided Textual Case-Based Reasoning System
  • Paul Freeman, Ian Watson and Paul Denny. Inferring Student Coding Goals Using Abstract Syntax Trees
  • Nadia Kiani, Jean Lieber, Emmanuel Nauer and Jordan Schneider. Analogical Transfer in RDFS, Application to Cocktail Name Adaptation
  • Maria Leikola, Lotta Rintala, Christian Sauer, Thomas Roth-Berghofer and Mari Lundström. Applicability of Case-based Reasoning for Selection of Cyanide-free Gold Leaching Methods
  • Mirjam Minor, Ralph Bergmann, Jan-Martin Müller and Alexander Spät. On the Transferability of Process-oriented Cases
  • Santiago Ontañón and Ali Shokoufandeh. Refinement-based Similarity Measures for Directed Labeled Graphs
  • Jesus Aguirre Peman, Belen Diaz-Agudo and Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz. Searching Museum Routes using CBR
  • Pascal Reuss, Rotem Stram, Cedric Juckenack, Klaus-Dieter Althoff,Wolfram Henkel, Daniel Fischer and Frieder Henning. FEATURE-TAK - Framework for Extraction, Analysis, and Transformation of Unstructured Textual Aircraft Knowledge
  • Spencer Rugaber, Shruti Bhati, Vedanuj Goswami, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Sasha Azad, Sridevi Koushik, Rishikesh Kulkarni, Mithun Kumble, Sriya Sarathy and Ashok Goel. Knowledge Extraction and Annotation for Cross-Domain Textual Case Based Reasoning in Biologically Inspired Design
  • Ashika Sharma, Ankit Sharma, Dipti Deodhare, Sutanu Chakraborti, Sreenivasa Kumar and Partha Mitra. Case Representation and Retrieval Techniques for Neuroanatomical Connectivity Extraction from PubMed
  • Rotem Stram, Pascal Reuss, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Wolfram Henkel and Daniel Fischer. Relevance Matrix Generation using Sensitivity Analysis in a Case-Based Reasoning Environment
  • Stefan Wender and Ian Watson. Combining Case-Based Reasoning and Reinforcement Learning for Tactical Unit Selection in Real-Time Strategy Game AI
  • Leendert W. M. Wienhofen and Bjørn Magnus Mathisen. Defining the initial case-base for a CBR operator support system in digital finishing; A methodological knowledge acquisition approach